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A Western multidisciplinary healthcare facility in the heart of Kyiv
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About IMP Clinic

The IMP-Clinic is located in the heart of Kiev city, at 44 Yevhena Konovaltsia street,
Telephone Numbers: +380 44 499 86 87, Toll free: +380 800 30 86 87.

IMP Clinic is committed to providing professional, compassionate, and evidenced-based health care in a clean, modern, multidisciplinary, multilingual and multicultural environment. From your first visit you will feel the difference in our caring approach to address your medical needs in a supportive and professional environment.

The mission of the IMP Clinic is to provide its patients with innovative medical services applying Western standard of medical care, delivered by English, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Arabic, Hindi, Ukrainian and Russian-speaking medical staff. We are specialists in serving embassies, multi-national corporations and the expatriate community, plus offering international medical escorts or evacuations. As a courtesy to you we provide direct billing to most western insurance providers.

Our patients love us
Dr. Quispe was my personal doctor when I would visit American Medical Center in Kyiv, Ukraine. He advised me when I would visit Kyiv in the summers 2008-11,
and then in 2011-17 when I was living in Kyiv full-time.
I always found him positive and encouraging in his interactions and professional and thorough in his advice concerning medical issues.
I recommend him without reservation to anyone looking for a highly qualified General Practioner in Kyiv.

Lon Kaufmann
NY Institute of Technology, Ass't Dean, Associate Professor of Design
You are recognised as a very caring and hard working doctor, there are many testimonials to this fact.
Your medical skills are considerable, especially in the realm of traumatology and surgical specialities. It is very important for our team that you share your expertise with both junior doctors and nurses and clearly demonstrate to them the standards that we have set for clinical workflow.
Richard Stels
Dr. Roberto Quispe is a classical example of a "doctor by avocation". High quality medical skills combined with extremely broad care about patients makes him one of most demanded family doctors in the country. Being my family doctor over the last seven years, I enjoyed very much professional and human care of Dr. Roberto Quispe.
Penko Dinev
General Manager IBM Ukraine
For 2 decades I have had the pleasure of working internationally in multiple regions of the world. My number one challenge was to find/ select a medical practitioner. Dr. Roberto, has been my go to general physician since 2006. Why, because : he's skilled, he's competent, understanding, socially thoughtful, concerned, intuitive can read his patients effectively, and his manner not a fast food type of service.
His patient care and attitude is equivalent to being a family friend. Dr. Roberto, visited me on a few occasions after hours to address medical concerns without any hesitation and resolved the concerns.
As a professional working abroad, solid medical expertise is a must. Dr. Roberto, always navigated me towards the right path.

Geoff Papero
Government negotiations licenses concessions
At IMP Clinic we make patients healthy & happy

by giving you an out the ordinary health care experience and together, we can make history in medicine
Multicultural Environment
Our international multidisciplinary and multicultural medical staff is happy to assist embassies, multi-national corporations and the expatriate community of Ukraine.
Urgent Care & Special Services
Call us anytime 24/7 for an IMP-Clinic physician to come to your Home or Hotel to help you with your health problem.

Contact us before coming to Ukraine, so we will be able to provide you with the appropriate medical escort (Nurse/MD) while you are visiting other places throughout Ukraine.
Direct Billing
As a courtesy to you we provide direct billing to most western insurance providers as well as honoring your travel insurance.
Our Unique VIP Caring Service
You are important to us, so we created this special service for you which is not available any place else.
Just let us know you are coming and we will pick you up at the airport/ train or bus station or any place of your convenience. We will then bring you comfortably, safely and hazzle free to our IMP Clinic so you don't need to worry about finding us.
We will contact you soon!
Available Discount - Fertility Exam
Fertility exam for her and him for the price of one person!
Available Discount - Fertility Exam
Fertility exam for her and him for the price of one person!
44 Yevhena Konovaltsia street
01133, Kyiv, Ukraine
Monday to Friday 9:00am to 9:00pm
Saturdays and Sundays 10:00am to 3:00pm