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When is it necessary to see a manual therapist?
For Adults:
Backache, lower back pain, pain in the neck, headache
Limbs' numbness
Weakness, dizziness
Indefinable "heart pain", felt behind
Stiffness in movement, spinal hernia
Scoliosis, osteochondrosis, poor posture
Backache can be acute or aching, as regular as well as irregular, pain which occurs during specific
movement. The pain can appear in different parts of the body and irradiate to shoulders, neck, chest or limbs.
For children:
Hip dislocation
Herniated disk
Rotated pelvis
Timely visit to the doctor at the first symptoms of any changes in children will help avoid serious

Manual Therapy – is a complex (set) of medical manual influence on trigger points in order to
relax tense muscles and to renew the circulation of liquids in the body that helps to create
desirable state of the musculoskeletal system that leads to a much better level of life.

Manual therapist – is a specialist that diagnoses and treats neuromuscular disorders with the
help of manual manipulations of a spine. The main doctor`s task is to renew the structural
entirety of a spine , to decrease pressure on the nerves and as a result to improve efflux of
liquid and to relief a pain syndrome. Recovery of a right spine position and muscular body
structure often helps an organism to heal itself without medications or surgery.
Thanks to this therapy joint mobility gets better, soft tissues release from tense, And tight
muscles relax.
Manual therapy and osteopathy are often used as an additional way of treatment in complex
with a main medical treatment.

Manual therapy and osteopathy
Correction of a spine
Traditional and point massage
Prophylaxis and treatment of scoliosis


At the first visit a manual specialist analyses your symptoms to understand whether manual
therapy will help and what methods wil be appropriate.
Be ready for such questions:
- When and how this pain appeared?
- Where is it located?
- Describe the pain – is it acute/dull/burning/throbbing? Is it permanent or temporary?
- Tell about your traumas.

We also ask to provide us with general information about your health (f.ex. about chronic
illnesses, surgery, pregnancy and delivery, general state of health)

Before the therapy you will have a general check-up:
- Pressure measuring
- Heart rate measuring
- tests for muscular tone and strength
- Neurological reflex test
- Movement amplitude of joints and problem zones test

If you have a CT scan or MRI Scan – take it to the consultation.
You will also have additional studies and analysis if it is necessary.
After the consultation you will get a personal treatment plan.

A course of treatment usually includes from 3 to 5 sessions that are often combined with a
therapeutic massage.
We use:
-Spinal and manual manipulations for spine correction. "Method of a short lever" this is a
method during which short and fast movements are used to recover a right position of
inter vertebral discs.
- Stretching of muscles in different directions
- Mild technics of the manual therapy – gradual and slow stretching of muscles and working out
of joints` mobility by bending.
-Traditional therapeutic and point massage
The treatment is usually painless, but some discomfort is possible. You must tell your manual
therapist immediately if you feel pain.

At the final diagnostics you can see visible improvements of patient`s condition. A doctor will
comment all the results of treatment thoroughly and also he will show some physical exercises
that should be done to fix the result and to maintain healthy condition of the spine, joints and

  • Acute pain syndrome
  • Acute inflammatory process
  • Acute muscle spasm
  • Recent spinal injury
  • Spinal oncological disease
  • Infection process in spinal tissues
Get rid of your back pain right now
Dr. Fernando Anthony Occhiuzzi, MD, DC
An alumni of the Oregon Medical University and the Southern California University of Medical Sciences, USA.
Dr. Fernando is a North American educated physician with many years of experience in Spinal Manipulative Medicine and has successfully treated acute and chronic spine related conditions using Manual Manipulation, ML830 Cold Laser Therapy, Massage, Acupressure, Physical Therapy and other natural procedures.
Dr. Fernando Anthony Occhiuzzi, MD, DC
Выпускник Медицинского Университета Орегона, а также Университета Медицинских Наук Южной Калифорнии, США.
His approach is aimed to treat and correct neural-muscular-skeletal problems such as: headaches, neck and low back pains radiating to arms and legs, disk problems, bursitis, knee pain, neuralgia, sprain/strain trauma and many other spinal related conditions.
Treatments are usually without the use of medications unless absolutely necessary, practically painless and usually with good fast results, specially in headaches of unknown cause.
Language skills: Native speaker of English and Portuguese, fluent in Spanish as well having a good understanding of Italian, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

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