Physical Exam for Ukrainian Work Permit

A foreigner who is going to work in Ukraine must undergo a medical examination.
To apply for employment, each foreigner must undergo a medical examination and obtain a certificate.

Such a medical examination is carried out with the purpose of determining the addiction of a foreigner, alcoholism, substance abuse and the presence of infectious diseases.

Inspection takes place in 3 stages:

1. Medical examination of doctors:

- the therapist examines the general state of health;
- phthisiatrist - issues an opinion on the presence of tuberculosis;
- dermatovenereologist - investigates the presence of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.

2. Laboratory research:

- blood test for HIV;
- blood test for syphilis (Wasserman reaction);
- a blood test for hepatitis A, B, C;
- Chest X-Ray (1 time in 2 years).

3. Psychological examination.

A medical certificate for obtaining a work permit for an alien must necessarily have a conclusion about the presence or absence of such diseases as:

- tuberculosis in an open form;
- Hepatitis C;
- Hepatitis B;
- other infectious diseases;
- AIDS and HIV.

It is also necessary to obtain a certificate from the narcologyst No. 140 / o. Such a certificate is issued based on the results of a study for the presence or absence of drug, alcohol or toxicological dependence.

It is recommended to go through such a survey in Ukrainian clinics, since often the certificates issued by the country where the foreigner came from are not accepted by the State Employment Center.
In our clinic you can get a medical certificate for work permit for an alien within 3 days.
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A medical certificate for obtaining a work permit for an alien is valid for presentation within 6 months.
The cost of 4000 UAH. The implementation period is 3 days.
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