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We are developing, implementing and practicing innovative Western standard multidisciplinary, multicultural and multilingual medical service,
delivered by English, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic, Hindi-speaking medical staff.
Olga Odynets, MD
Family Physician, Physiotherapist and Pulmonologist
Graduated from Medical institute Association of Alternative Medical Care, Kiev, Ukraine, in 2008. Internship in Pulmonology (2009).
Specialization: Family Physician (2012) Physiotherapy (2017) at Shupika Medical Academy.
She worked for many years at American Medical Centers as a Family Physician.
She is very dedicated doctor and is aware of general patients needs such as meeting their physical, medical and emotional health needs in a professional and caring way.
She also has an international experience working as a registered nurse in the medical setting in England assisting doctors in operating room.
Language skills: Fluent in English. Native Russian and Ukrainian speaker.
Dr. Inna Lazaruk, MD
Pediatrician, Allergologist
Education: Kiev National Medical University "Bogomolets".
Proficient in using Western Medical Protocols in the diagnoses and treatment of diseases of children, including digestive tract and genitourinary system disorders, as well as children infectious diseases and prevention of allergic ailments.
She has also expertise on issues of breast and artificial feeding, and the introduction of complementary foods for the children's well being.
Dr. Inna also conducts consultations on the care and development of chilren's of all ages, as well making up individual schedule of vaccination.
Language skills: Fluent in English and native Russian and Ukrainian

Dr. Mary Oghuvbu, MD
Graduated in general medicine from Sumy State Medical University. She is currently on her second year of Residency in Oncology at Bukovaina Medical State University in Ukraine.
"It has always been my passion to save lives. Growing up in a society where the sick die in high numbers, I developed a strong desire to study medicine in order to make a positive impact in the treatment of this dreadful and fateful disease. I have great confidence that with my medical knowledge and expertise I can make a significant difference by saving many lives during my carrier as an Oncology doctor.
Language Skills: Native English and Orhubo speaker. Understands well Russian and Ukrainian.

Tatiana Sytnik, MD
ENT – Surgeon
Graduated from the Sumy Medical University, faculty of General Medicine.
Two years of Internship in Otorhinolaryngology plus internship in Warsaw, Poland, World Hearing Center.

Among her accomplishments she was part of the prestigious International Conference about Audiological Regenerative Technologies in Odessa.

Dr. Sytnik, MD has also extensive training with the audiological features of Unitron technology.

Language Skills: Fluent in English. Native Russian and Ukrainian speaker and good understanding of Polish.

Kateryna Kotliar, RN, BSC
Head Nurse
Registered nurse Kotliar has extensive nursing experience throughout 13 years of dedicated service in various areas of her chosen profession gaining recognition for her outstanding services. She also has additional medical education receiving a bachelor's degree in nursing (BSC).
Professional Experience:
International Multi-Profile Clinic, Kyiv , Ukraine
Head Nurse , 2017 to present
American Medical centers , Kyiv , Ukraine
Staff Nurse , 2011 to 2017
Heart Center , Kyiv , Ukraine
Intensive Care Unit Staff Nurse.

Languages skills: Fluent in English. Native Russian and Ukrainian speaker.
Dr. Lichnaya Iryna, MD
Graduated from Kiev National Medical University. A. A. Bogomolets. Residentship and Postgraduate Education in the National Medical Academy named P. L. Shupyka in Obstetrics and gynecology.
She has been working in the regional maternity hospital. Also she worked at American Medical Centers for the last 4 years where obtained proficiency in using Western Medical Protocols as well international experience.
Dr. Lichnaya, MD has professional interest in all kind of therapeutic and surgical treatment of gynecological patients, family planning, pregnancy and childbirth care, endocrine gynecology. She has been an active participant of Ukrainian OBGYN Medical congresses and conferences.
She practices efficiently Aesthetic Gynecology, improving women intimate experience, enhancing a woman's sexual desire and sometimes given this pleasure for the first time in her life if the woman suffers of frigidity. Apart from enhancing women's sexual experience, an O-Shot performed by Dr. Lichnaya, MD also resolves urinary incontinence, retuning the women's self-esteem.
Dr Lichnaya, MD, also is a certified dietician, post online education at Olypmia Fitness School. Supports in eating disorders, including endocrine diseases.
Language skills: Fluent in English and native Russian and Ukrainian.

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