Family medicine at IMP Clinic

Family medicine is a medical specialty that provides continuous and comprehensive medical assistance to a person and his family, regardless of age, sex and disease.

Worth remembering is that all the members of a family can suffer from viral, bacterial and parasitic infections. In such cases, an individual approach is required, because there is no universal treatment regimen that would suit everyone.

Family doctors at IMP Clinic


Our company is owned and operated by Dr. Quispe Roberto, MD, high level certificate family physician.

IMP Clinic is equipped with modern equipment for diagnostics and treatment of complex clinical cases. Doctor’s appointments are carried out only by high-quality specialists, who are guided by the principles of evidence-based and integrative medicine. Many employees have completed training and practice or gained work experience in Europe, Scandinavia and the USA.

All our family doctors are multidisciplinary and multilingual (speak several foreign languages), have deep knowledge and skills in various fields of medicine, provide primary , complex and integrative medical care thanks to knowledge of related disciplines, namely: allergology, endocrinology, neurology, surgery, gastroenterology, gynecology, pneumonology, urology, traumatology, cardiology, ultrasound examination and others . And when faced with serious and complex cases, they direct patients for consultation to our narrow-profile specialists. 80% of diseases are prevented even at the stage of a visit to the family doctor.

At IMP Clinic a family doctor is available 24/7. We are ready to help no matter what time of the day you need expert advice. We also provide a service for a family doctor or pediatrician to visit a patient at home.



Regular check-ups with your family doctor will help you to stay healthy and to prevent illness.


Family doctors are trained to help people of all ages, from birth to the end of life, and they also have versatile knowledge, so they can treat a wide range of diseases. Family doctor is the best choice for families who want all their medical needs to be met in one place.


If you get sick, your family doctor will help you to cope with the disease and, if necessary, direct you to a narrow-profile specialist. Navigation in the system of health care may be rather confusing and frustrating, but the family doctor is always on the front line: he will coordinate your treatment and will act in the role of your protector.


Family doctor can also be your partner in the treatment of chronic and long-term diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, asthma as well as others.


The system of primary medical – sanitary assistance, based on regular contacts between doctor and patient, gives the best results for the health status of patients, gives them more satisfaction, reduces the number of hospital admissions and reduces the cost of the health care system. In addition, by long-term patient relationships, the doctor knows you and your family medical history that helps him to make the best medical decisions for your treatment.

Why exactly the family doctor?

Insurance companies worldwide usually require people to visit a family doctor first, as he has the necessary equipment for the diagnosis of any problem and, if necessary, he will recommend continued treatment by narrow-profile specialists.

Family doctors at IMP Clinic have extensive experience in identifying and treating common diseases. These specialists treat the whole family, so they know the family’s medical history, which makes it easier to diagnose some of the patients’ symptoms and conditions. Moreover, family physicians are checking the signs of the disease, that nobody would notice, who is not familiar with a family history.

It is almost impossible to draw a complete list of diseases, which the family doctors of IMP Clinic treat. But you can be sure: our doctors will provide medical care to your entire family under one roof.

It doesn’t matter whether your soul or body hurts, what is your age or sex, what language you speak, is it early morning or deep night – you are welcome to IMP Clinic! Here you will always find comprehension, care and high quality medical assistance 24/7.


We also provide a full range of quality laboratory and instrumental diagnostic services, such as:

  • full range of laboratory researches, in fact including, express – pregnancy test, HIV, viral hepatitis, diabetes mellitus, drugs, viral infections, streptococcal infections, troponin, the VDRL and others;
  • full range functional diagnostics, in fact including, electrocardiography, echocardiography, ultrasound vascular dopplerography of upper and lower limbs, of cerebral veins, audiometry, spirometry, Holter monitoring ECG, 24-hour monitoring of blood pressure, study of external respiration function with drug tests, ultrasound examination of joints, soft tissues, internal organs, EEG, EMG, etc.;
  • 24/7 access to all types of radiological examinations, including CT, MRI, scintigraphy of various organs and systems, of the whole, thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, hepatobiliary system and bones of the skeleton, perfusion scintigraphy of the lungs and brain, PET / CT and single-photon emission computed tomography, combined with X-ray computer tomography (SPECT / CT).
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Алёна AlyonaАлёна Alyona
Все супер !Качественно и профессионально ,рекомендую всем кто ценит комфорт !
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Karina SkorobruhKarina Skorobruh
Всем советую даную клинику. Хочу оставить отзыв в первую очередь о враче-гинекологе Личной Ирине Васильевне. Это профессионал и мастер своего дела, а так же безумно приятный человек. Ирина очень квалифицированный специалист и с уверенностью могу ее рекомендовать всем. В Киеве посещала много клиник и врачей-гинекологов и каждый раз у меня было много вопросов после приемов и зачастую оставалась не довольной. И когда попала к Ирине, поняла, что наконец-то нашла своего специалиста ( грамотного и квалифицированного), к которому буду всегда идти. Хочу отметить что всегда получала рекомендации и ответы на свои вопросы так же удаленно и в 12 ночи :) Личные приемы приходят вообще всегда на высшем уровне. Если не знаете к какому врачу-гинекологу идти на осмотр или с женскими проблемами - смело можете обращаться к этому специалисту.
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Анастасия БутенкоАнастасия Бутенко
Очень хорошая клиника. Отзывчивый персонал. Качественное медицинское обслуживание
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Nicholas DayNicholas Day
Couldn’t speak more highly of the team here. Brought our four year old daughter here this past weekend from outside of Kyiv and they got her healthy again. From Dr. Julia and Dr. Soroosh providing first-rate pediatric support for our daughter, to the attentive, professional, and kid-whispering nursing staff, we got top-class care all the way through. Definitely don’t want to have to come back, but if we need them I feel better knowing they’re around.
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Тетяна КопчаТетяна Копча
Ми дуже задоволені обстеженням. Дякуємо за якість діагностичних послуг. В медичному центрі панує спокійна атмосфера, ввічливий персонал, якісне обстеження, кваліфіковані лікарі, новітнє обладнання. Бажаємо IMP Clinic процвітання.
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Виталий МарчукВиталий Марчук
Всем работникам Royal Caribbean, настоятельно рекомендую проходить медобследование в этом центре. Абсолютно все на два уровня выше, в сравнении с Архимедом в Одессе, ни очередей, ни стресса!!! Всем добра и здоровья
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