Pregnancy management

Carrying of your pregnancy will be much easier with the IMP Clinic.
Thinking of you, we have created a special package of services “Pregnancy and Childbirth Management”, so that during this period you can not worry about anything.

Pregnancy management with IMP Clinic is a complete set of laboratory tests, consultations and research for maximum control over the health of the expectant mother and baby. IMP Clinic offers an integrated approach to pregnancy management that meets all the basic standards and recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the World Health Organization (WHO). Pregnancy care is provided under the supervision of experienced obstetricians and gynecologists.

You can purchase a package and register from the first weeks of pregnancy. And if you are already in the middle of the term, we will recalculate the cost especially for you.

Services are provided in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. Your doctor’s visits are scheduled according to your plans without queues and at a time convenient for you.

Our package includes all mandatory laboratory tests, consultations of both an obstetrician-gynecologist and narrow specialists, and also a stay in a day hospital and transportation to the clinic, if necessary. The package also includes childbirth. IMP Clinic provides an opportunity for both spontaneous vaginal delivery and delivery with a partner or family. We know how important support is at such a moment, therefore we create maximum comfort for our patients.


After the birth of the baby, the mother and her child relax in a comfortable individual ward, where they are provided with everything they need. For the next two months, they receive six free visits to our pediatrician, in case they need advice on caring for the baby, her/his health or breastfeeding.

IMP Clinic is an international medical center, therefore, both Ukrainian citizens and foreigners can deliver a child at our clinic. For foreigners, we can take over the preparation of all the necessary documents.

A comprehensive package for expectant mothers contains

  • absolutely all necessary laboratory tests,
  • diagnostics and consultations,
  • 48 hours hospital stay during pregnancy (if necessary),
  • transportation to the clinic (if necessary)
  • and the birth itself.

The package also includes six pediatrician consultations for your baby.

The package of services “Pregnancy and childbirth management” can be purchased in whole or in part, paying only for the management of pregnancy, if you have not yet decided on the maternity hospital.

Pregnancy and childbirth will be calm and comfortable with our obstetricians and gynecologists.

All details are discussed individually. And we give you time to think in order to find the right solution.

Package price:UAH 28 000
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Алёна AlyonaАлёна Alyona
Все супер !Качественно и профессионально ,рекомендую всем кто ценит комфорт !
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Karina SkorobruhKarina Skorobruh
Всем советую даную клинику. Хочу оставить отзыв в первую очередь о враче-гинекологе Личной Ирине Васильевне. Это профессионал и мастер своего дела, а так же безумно приятный человек. Ирина очень квалифицированный специалист и с уверенностью могу ее рекомендовать всем. В Киеве посещала много клиник и врачей-гинекологов и каждый раз у меня было много вопросов после приемов и зачастую оставалась не довольной. И когда попала к Ирине, поняла, что наконец-то нашла своего специалиста ( грамотного и квалифицированного), к которому буду всегда идти. Хочу отметить что всегда получала рекомендации и ответы на свои вопросы так же удаленно и в 12 ночи :) Личные приемы приходят вообще всегда на высшем уровне. Если не знаете к какому врачу-гинекологу идти на осмотр или с женскими проблемами - смело можете обращаться к этому специалисту.
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Анастасия БутенкоАнастасия Бутенко
Очень хорошая клиника. Отзывчивый персонал. Качественное медицинское обслуживание
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Nicholas DayNicholas Day
Couldn’t speak more highly of the team here. Brought our four year old daughter here this past weekend from outside of Kyiv and they got her healthy again. From Dr. Julia and Dr. Soroosh providing first-rate pediatric support for our daughter, to the attentive, professional, and kid-whispering nursing staff, we got top-class care all the way through. Definitely don’t want to have to come back, but if we need them I feel better knowing they’re around.
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Тетяна КопчаТетяна Копча
Ми дуже задоволені обстеженням. Дякуємо за якість діагностичних послуг. В медичному центрі панує спокійна атмосфера, ввічливий персонал, якісне обстеження, кваліфіковані лікарі, новітнє обладнання. Бажаємо IMP Clinic процвітання.
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Виталий МарчукВиталий Марчук
Всем работникам Royal Caribbean, настоятельно рекомендую проходить медобследование в этом центре. Абсолютно все на два уровня выше, в сравнении с Архимедом в Одессе, ни очередей, ни стресса!!! Всем добра и здоровья
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